Quick Facts

Common questions

The demo usually lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour. This can vary for each customer.

Absolutely! You can join from a conference room so you can all listen in or you can send an email to info@cabentry.com and request your co-workers to be added to the meeting.

Yes, we understand most owners are busy and employees are trusted to find viable options and solutions. We can give you a demo and then later give the owner a demo if he’s interested.

No, you do not need to prepare for the meeting. 

We will only ask you a few basic questions about your company such as:

  • number of employees
  • typical customers
  • manufacturing software
  • current pricing method
  • structured catalog

Its great if you have a webcam because its easier to communicate, but it is not a requirement if you don’t have one on your computer. Most of the time I will be sharing my screen anyways.


It works well if you have a microphone on your computer, but we can also offer a call in number using your phone if you don’t have a microphone available. 


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