Make Order Entry Simple For You And Your Customers

Cabentry makes quoting and ordering easier for custom cabinet manufacturers, so you can focus on building quality cabinets.

Because ordering shouldn’t be the difficult part.

Trusted by manufacturers large and small

Quote Faster

Meet your customers expectations by allowing them to quote on their own.

Order Accurately

Increase order accuracy by helping users make the right choices during the quote.

Build Efficiently

Allow your team to focus on building quality custom cabinets instead of quoting and ordering.

The Cabentry Process

We don’t “do it all”. We are not an “all in one” solution.

Instead, we focus on nailing the Order Entry process and letting other software companies continue to fill their role in your process.


Everything You Need To Succeed

Learn how Cabentry can remove the bottleneck from your order entry process and set you on a path to accomplish your goals.


  • Allow dealers to quote on their own
  • Get consistent prices
  • Edit your own catalog
  • Manage order pipeline with statuses
  • Add attachments on orders
  • Send messages within each order
  • Schedule orders after submitted
  • Import into Cabinet Vision/Mozaik

Is Cabentry a fit?

  • small to medium sized shop
    custom or semi-custom catalog
  • sell to dealers, contractors, builders
  • looking for structure and organization

Do you ever feel like....

You spend so much time quoting that you’re neglecting other areas of your business?

You keep using your outdated catalog because it is costly and time consuming to update?

Your customers are confused about what products you offer and how much they cost?

You are the only person who can quote accurately and it is too difficult to teach others?

You lose jobs because you can’t get a quote back to your customer?

You have a mountain of documents, emails, drawings, and specs for every order?

Can you imagine....

  • Giving your dealers the ability to accurately quote on their own
  • Updating your catalog and pricing instantly and with ease
  • Showcasing your products and  compatible options to your customers
  • Organizing everything related to the order in one place
  • Saving HOURS of work for you and your team!

This is 100% possible for you – We’ve helped other shops just like you!

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