Frequently asked questions about Cabentry

Yes! This platform is very flexible. Most of our customers use a SKU based model when building out a catalog but the choice is totally up to you. For example, you could add one base cabinet and price per lineal foot if you don’t like the SKU based library. Talk to us about how we can make Cabentry work for your unique catalog.

Yes! You can use our Starter plan. Using Cabentry in house will give your company structure and consistency on pricing. It is also a great tool to have if you are thinking of eventually selling your cabinets through a dealer.

No, Cabentry is focused on doing order entry right. We do however, offer an import into Cabinet Vision and Mozaik, which can easily do these things.

Cabentry is a Windows Desktop application. Cabentry will not work on a web browser or on a MAC computer. If you have a MAC computer, you can run a Windows emulator such as Parallels as a workaround to run Cabentry on a MAC.

Yes, we license each of your users to ensure that you have control of each person who uses your catalog. You do not need to worry about unhappy customers sharing your catalog and pricing.

Yes! This is where the time savings really happens when they start quoting and ordering their own jobs. Plus, its easy to setup and monitor your dealers.

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