The Unstoppable Software Pair for your Cabinet Shop

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with Mozaik. It is an incredibly powerful software with some incredibly frustrating quirks. 

Learn why pairing Cabentry with Mozaik can lower your frustration and complete the cycle to truly become an all in one solution.


What's the Difference?

Cabentry does not replace Mozaik.

Instead, Cabentry makes use of the power of Mozaik while also expanding on the customer facing features you need.

3D Design
Part Sizes & Reports
CNC programming
Pricing & Quoting
Order Management
Scalable Catalog Distribution
Customer Communication
Order Scheduling
Easy to Use

Why Shouldn't I Use Mozaik for Pricing and Order Entry?

I made a video on my YouTube channel to help answer this question. I outline three main reasons why I don’t think you should use Mozaik for your pricing and quoting.

  • Forced to draw every job ENTIRELY
  • Everybody designs differently
  • Limits potential customers

Watch the 6 minute video below for more details on these 3 main points.

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Do you ever feel like....

You spend so much time quoting that you’re neglecting other areas of your business?

You keep using your outdated catalog because it is costly and time consuming to update?

Your customers are confused about what products you offer and how much they cost?

You are the only person who can quote accurately and it is too difficult to teach others?

You lose jobs because you can’t get a quote back to your customer?

You have a mountain of documents, emails, drawings, and specs for every order?

How Can Cabentry Help Me?


Organize your orders

Stay on the same page and make communication easier by bringing everything into one place.


Edit your catalog

Prices and products are always changing. Take control of your catalog to prevent losses.

customer (5)

Manage your dealers

Set price levels on each dealer and allow individual access to your catalog.

customer (6)

Connect your information

Spend less time shuffling between apps and messages trying to round up order details

customer (7)

Simplify your quotes

Enter quote details faster and see your price instantly.


Communicate effectively

Order messaging and scheduling help you keep your customers informed.

Import Cabentry orders Into Mozaik

Cabentry doesn't just benefit the front end order entry process. Your engineers and Mozaik drafters will love the Cabentry import.

Make Order Entry Simple For You And Your Customers

Cabentry makes quoting and ordering easier for custom cabinet manufacturers, so you can focus on building quality cabinets.

Because ordering shouldn’t be the difficult part.

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